While pondered weak and weary, bored during a midnight time
Volume of curiosity and attraction of many of the tradition that had forgotten
I nodded, but almost asleep, suddenly there came a tapping
Turn, turn the door of my room at all at any point in time a few.
And knocked on the door of my room I whispered: "is that some visitors, and TIS
Nothing, and nothing more. '

Oh, I remember that in December it was clear destroy
Embers die each individual ghost country.
I tried to borrow waste - in the hope that tomorrow enthusiastic
As a result of the termination of my book of pain - the pain of loss Lenoir
And little angel with the name Lenoir Virgin Radio
Nameless here forever.

Rumors uncertain sad red silk curtains
Excites me - with great fear I've never felt full before me;
So now, my heart is still beating, which I repeat
`Is there a visitor or an appeal of a series of my room -
Visitors a late entry to appeal to the door of my room,
This is nothing more than

My soul higher current, then do not hesitate and
`Sir," I am the lady, but I feel really sorry;
But because it was nap facts wrap lightly
Subtle, tap, touch down at the door of my room
I opened wide the door - here I will listen and I was sure the poor me
And darkness nothing more.

Look deep into the darkness, I fear that I stood there and asked
The mortal at all, in the hope of a dream that dare not even dream of doubting;
But the silence is broken, silent darkness
The words that communicate the spoken word, `Lenore! '
I whispered, and an echo word is whispered ward Lenoir! '
This is the most simple.

Moving camera, my soul in my zeal,
I feel a little touch bigger than before right back.
`Of course," I said, there is something on the net my window `ll definitely.
Let's take a look what is in them, I will explore this mystery -
My heart is still at this time, we will discover this secret,
And leading Tis! '

When flirting with a lot, I make the flutter pulled the trigger,
Stately raven of the holy days "old refuse it.
Instead, regard, in a minute, or at least not arrested;
But the attitude of the woman and the man came to the door of my room -
Where is the bust of Pallas, the door of my room only
Set, and especially the air.

Then a sad fantasy my sexy smile this ebony bird
Decorum is strict and serious expression wearing
You, your comb and razor cuts, and certainly not a shy "I said: Is it
Old Crow loud and scary night wandering the beach -
Please tell coast Pluto even arrogant as they say! '
He said the crow M ~ `amoA, the crow. '

To speak clearly, I was very surprised that bird so scruffy
The answer makes sense - the hole is something related;
Because we can not agree that the person living
Far been blessed to see the bird on top of the door of his room, but
The birds and the beasts of the bust of the image on the door of his room,
~ `AmoA as nevi. I have a name like "

But, sitting quietly bust solitary crow, just
The word, as if his soul in these words is the only outflow.
In addition, it is not about what he wants - no, feathers flying
I fly with a friend until another `whisper a little more -
The next day I let my hopes fly like the front. '
Then said nevus amoA `~ AU. '

So I was shocked silence by the answer spoken correctly
`The speech is an action and the only store" that says I do not believe it
Capturing a cruel master some unfortunate disaster
After quick fast burden of his song was followed by hole
Dirge of hope to his melancholy burden that
"-. Never nevus amoA ~" The

But all my sad soul curved and attractive smile
01:00 walked soft seat facing the door, and the birds, the bust;
Then, when the velvet sinking, my last time to go to link themselves
Fancy me feel like the old you think this ominous bird
Ominous bird, and it was this hard, tough, horrible and deserted old
It is intended to `~ nevus amoA place. '

It is dedicated to guess who I am, not syllable represents
Eyes now say, cooking poultry in the middle of my heart;
Fortunately, I sat with her head leaning on that peace of mind and more
Velvet pillow lined with pleasure that the lamplight o'er,
But in the light of a lamp that delight over purple velvet lining,
Nevus ~ amoA Oh, she pushes!

Then the air is dense, the time spent in my opinion, the smell of incense burners, which is invisible to the naked eye
The shaken by Seraphim ushered in the spring foot waterfall floor.
They are angels who sent you - who has borrowed this is sad I cried thy God
Pitcher plant and the rest of your memories of Leonora - rest!
Forget the Lenoir lost, and those drinking the pain of this type of drink to forget Oh! '
He said the crow M ~ `amoA, the crow. '

`The prophecy! I said: "This is wrong! - If the devil birds and still the prophet!
Storm temptation, or to send you land, as the grace of you here
Abandoned still tremble all attracted to this land of the desert
This home by horror haunted - tell me truly, I appeal
Cross is a balm in Gilead? - Tell - Tell me a call! "
He said the crow M ~ `amoA, the crow. '

`The prophecy! I said: "This is wrong! - If the devil birds and still the prophet!
We are to worship God - both in heaven that bends above us -
Tell me that this soul is overwhelmed with sorrow, in Eden in far remote, if
It has nothing to Irina holy virgin angel Lenoir
The closing of a strange maiden name Lenoir radiant angel? '
He said the crow M ~ `amoA, the crow. '

`Be that word our sign of devil game, and the birds! I scream wanton
`Get your Pluto the night and the storm!
Leave no black feather as a sign of all the lies told to your soul!
Remains unbroken solitude of me! - Leave bust the door!
Take picture of you from my mind, take the form of your Doaofu me!
He said the crow M ~ `amoA, the crow. '

And flying around, still sitting, crow sitting
Just popping Pallas appeared at the door of my room;
And his eyes, the look of the things you dream demon
The light o'er the light in your shot his shadow on the floor;
My life from the bottom of the shadows and some floating on the floor
To be generated - ~ nevus amoA!

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